The Oracle > Microsoft Word merge generator

Most Oracle database users know that it is quite difficult to retrieve Oracle data into Microsoft Word documents. Sequel Solutions has developed a report generator that gives you a powerful tool to solve this problem in a simple way.

Microsoft Word templates

SQLWord is based on the Microsoft Word .docx file format. You can edit Microsoft Word templates (standard letters, contracts, reports, etc) by using the Microsoft Word editor and then use SQLWord to generate documents mailmerged with the data from your Oracle database.

Made for Oracle Developers

By using the SQLWord Developer application developers can place several PL/SQL statements enclosed by <%%> scriptlets inside the text of a Microsoft Word document.

Microsoft Word documents with these scriptlets can be stored into the Oracle database compiled to PL/SQL stored procedures using the SQLWord Developer application.

When calling a generated PL/SQL procedure SQLWord retrieves the data from the Oracle database and integrates the data into the generated output Word .docx document.

APEX integration

SQLWord can be implemented very easily into any APEX application. When calling the generated stored procedure from an APEX application the output document is send to the webbrowser and the Word document is opened by your favorite Word processor. An APEX implementation example is included.


  • Design by Microsoft Word templates. The layout of the Word template document is done by using the Microsoft Word editor. All Microsoft Word options can be used
  • You can use your own house style for letters and reports because SQLWord uses Microsoft Word templates
  • Generation of DOCX and PDF (optional) documents
  • Full use of the complete SQL and PL/SQL language
  • Cursor definitions can be placed inside the Word template document or in an external Ascii file or in an Oracle package specification
  • Nested master-detail stuctures
  • Conditionally use of text blocks (if then else, etc)
  • Microsoft Word tables are supported and can be filled with data retrieved from the Oracle database
  • Dynamic headers and footers are supported and can be filled with data retrieved from the Oracle database
  • SQLWord is based on the today modern compact Microsoft Word DOCX format. Other reporting tools such as BI Publisher, still use the RTF format, consuming more disk space, including serious formatting problems inherent to the RTF format
  • Simple architecture, easy to manage, highly scalable, SQLWord runs everywhere Oracle runs
  • Easy to learn for Oracle developers. Within 30 minutes Oracle developers can generate Microsoft Word reports. No need to follow expensive training courses
  • High productivity
  • Integration with Oracle APEX
  • Easy to install. No hassle with installing new software on your servers, no monitoring of extra services and no network and security issues. It all runs within the database


  • Oracle Oracle 10g / Oracle 11g / Oracle 12c
  • Oracle 32-bits client
  • Oracle Apex 4.1 or higher (optional)


License prices are based on the number of end-users. The SQLWord basic license (max 5 users) starts at €1,500.

SQLWord packshot
Microsoft Word template


Example of a Microsoft Word template

Generated Microsoft Word document


Example of a generated Microsoft Word document