What customers say about SQLWord

Sequel Solutions continually measures our performance through customer dialogue as well as customer satisfaction surveys.
Here are the most recent comments from some of our customers:


The Transfer Solutions company discovered SQLWord, one of the nice products of the Sequel Solutions company in the year 2000. At that time SQLWord was the only available product that you could integrate Oracle data quite well into a Microsoft Word document. We first started using SQLWord for our internal administration system Casper that was build with Oracle*Forms.

Since then we have implemented SQLWord many times for our customers, for example the cliënt tracking system used by the Social Services of the municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague in the Netherlands.

All the years Sequel Solutions has been able to further develop the product excelently. Compared with other products including BI Publisher, SQLWord strikes on simplicity, high productivity for Oracle developers and competing prices.

Anno 2014 SQLWord is made entirely suitable for Oracle 12c and Oracle APEX. Our clients are pleased that the continuity of SQLWord is always guaranteed.

In 2014, The University of Liverpool was presented with a major problem. After a software upgrade, a tool University_Liverpool that generated our Degree Certificates, Student Welcome Letters and Prospectus Requests amongst others was no longer available. We needed to urgently find a tool that would replace not only the letter generation aspect but also the database update aspect behind the scenes. Fortunately, we found SQLWord and after a trial period we realised this was exactly what we needed.

During development, the Sequel Solutions company provided prompt and accurate technical assistance with any problems we had and was happy to give advice about the best way to approach certain projects.

What we have now in 2015, is a system that has a fully integrated APEX front end that allows us to bring in a security layer as well as having a very smooth and professional front end for our users.

We now have other departments within the University who are keen to use the tool, after seeing it in use.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anybody.

SQLWord is a wonderful product that allows developer to use mailmerge feature of MS Word document as a template with Oracle database. I’m using SQLWord in an Oracle APEX application, one of the many provided applications. (other applications include running it in command line or batch file). SQLWord can generate DOCX and PDF from this mailmerge feature. For the PDF creation you need a small license purchase from the Apose company.

One of the best values of SQLWord is technical support. If one purchases a License along with the annual technical support, SQLWord
definitely provides top notch service to help resolve all programing issues.

I am an APEX developer in the USA and I am totally satisfied with SQLWord tech support within the past couple days.